Betrayed Partner

I get you. You are feeling EVERYTHING!

You are sad.

You are scared.

You are beyond pissed.

You want all the details, and at the same time none of them at all.

You are worried about your future. Do you stay? Do you go? What does each path look like? Can you ever trust your partner again? Can you ever trust anyone again?

What do you do now?

Partner Who Has Strayed

You have no idea how you got here. Maybe there are clues to the slippery path that lead you here, but it’s hard to put everything together.

Maybe you’re still conflicted. Do you stay? Do you go? Will you have to live with this in your relationship forever?

There is shame, confusion, and worry.

What do you do now?

Whether you are coming as a couple or individually, we can explore the answers to all of these questions and more. I can help you get on the path to trusting again. We can chungkuk-bae-241046-unsplashexplore what happened in your relationship that made the affair possible. We can use this rock bottom moment as a catalyst to rebuild something better, whether that is together as a couple or down separate paths.

Schedule an appointment below, and Nicole will be in touch to discuss the process.