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Individual therapy is a wonderful way to to gain more insight into how our emotional world is impacting our happiness and our relationships. Using Emotion-Focused Therapy, clients can become empowered, feel in control of their lives, and begin to thrive.  Let us help you learn how to provide a solid foundation for well-being so you can begin to feel joyful, grounded, vibrant, and connected to yourself and those who are important to you. Whether you are struggling with self esteem, feeling disconnected in a relationship, having difficulties at work, healing from trauma, or longing for your world to look a little different, individual therapy can provide the groundwork to create the life you want.

Together, we can create a plan that will alleviate the anxiety and stress that comes with our day to day life.

Are you:

  • Having difficulties in your relationship? (Couples therapy for one)
  • Having trouble dating? Always attracting the wrong person? It always ends the same?
  • Feeling as though no matter what you try, you never feel happy? Feeling lonely?
  • Tired of anxious feelings running your life?
  • Suffering from a childhood trauma? PTSD?
  • Trying to decide the future of your relationship?
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?
  • Undergoing a life transition?
  • Just feel as though you need to talk to someone?

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
― Brené Brown

Schedule an appointment now to learn how therapy may be helpful in your life  



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