About Devon

Hi! My name is Devon and I believe in the transformative power of connection.

I believe in connection because I have seen it change lives. Establishing a strong, non-judgmental and authentic relationship with the people I work with is not only a dynamic tool for change, but the priority of my practice. My ultimate goal is for you to feel truly seen, and to know that you never, ever have to do anything alone.

By creating a safe, welcoming, and playful space together, we will be able to work through the things that have had you or your loved one feeling frustrated, hopeless or unfulfilled.

Are you or your loved one feeling stuck? Tired of having the same fight over and over? Does someone feel invisible or unheard? Are you struggling with feeling anxious, sad, lonely or afraid?If no one else has told you yet, I am happy to share a secret: this is NORMAL! And I can help you learn to shift your relationship to these feelings and create a life you love. That brings you joy! By increasing our emotional self-awareness, we can learn to ask for what we really need.

I want to help you build the life you’ve always dreamed of, piece by piece.

I am firmly rooted in the strengths perspective, meaning I will prioritize putting you, your child or your family’s strengths and resources, not the problems, at the forefront of the healing process. I believe that this subtle shift in focus creates a powerful opportunity to lean toward each other instead of away. By naming and celebrating the strengths, we can begin to mobilize them to take positive steps forward.

I have worked with individuals, youth and families for over 8 years. I will approach our time together with compassion and humility. You are the expert on you—I want to help you feel empowered to take back ownership of your own happiness. We will get down to business and do the hard work. We will also have FUN.

I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s put the first piece down, together.



About Lauren

I received my MA in Clinical Psychology and specialized in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have experience working with couples, individuals and family dynamics from an Attachment Theory approach. I am passionate about providing a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate space where you can feel supported and understood. My aim is to help you feel empowered, live freely and authentically, thrive in your relationship with yourself and others, and experience healing and change.

I seek to craft corrective experiences that will change my client’s world in tangible ways. I help build a comfortable relationship where my client’s know they are accepted and affirmed for who they are and the change they are working toward. My hope is to help my client’s build happier and more satisfying relationships with others as well as with themselves.
My approach to therapy is collaborative – grounded in openness, honesty and trust.  I believe therapy is rooted in the relationship we build together and should draw upon your strengths and uniqueness. I feel it is a privilege to be invited to work alongside my clients as they encounter various challenges and adjustments.  I specialize in Emotional Focused Therapy for couples which is a therapeutic process that helps repair attachments so couples can begin to reconnect, and feel heard and understood in whatever situation they are facing.



About Dana

Hi, I’m Dana McCausland – a creative, humanitarian, Colorado Native and hypnotherapist. My hypnotherapy practice lies in bridging the gap between the subconscious and the conscious mind. Repairing this connection can provide immense positive impact and healing in one’s life.
I have always had a natural ease connecting with others, intuitively understanding people on a deep level. Good listening means to really hear someone’s needs and concerns, an essential skill for therapy that I have honed for many years. Though I hold a psychology degree from CU Boulder, it was hypnotherapy that awakened a deep connection to my higher self—beckoning me to pursue my calling and what actually drives me, helping others.
I am passionate about hypnotherapy because it works. Whether your needs lie in addiction, better sleep, past life regression or general self improvement goals, I can help. With hypnotherapy, the sky is the limit! It can help you overcome just about any obstacle. This practice is not a “miracle cure”, but with the use of hypnotherapy, your goals will be more accessible. Through the subconscious mind, everything becomes much easier to achieve—you and your subconscious are the co-creators of your success!
A bit about hypnosis and hypnotherapy….
We all experience hypnosis naturally every day, in fact we are in a state of hypnosis right before we awake in the morning and before we fall asleep at night. It is that familiar, relaxing state in which the mind is consciously aware, but more suggestable. By going into hypnosis, we open the door to the subconscious mind, allowing deeper work through connection to self.
Many new clients worry they may not be able to be hypnotized, the truth is that everyone has the ability! Prior the to first session, patients are asked to fill out a survey that I will analyze and discuss with them in order to best determine an individualized hypnosis approach. Each mind is different, therefore I take the time to decipher the best path to the subconscious for every individual.
Another common fear is getting “stuck in hypnosis”. Contrary to what the media and movies portray, this is not possible. If necessary, I can bring a client into a full waking conscious state of mind instantly if needed, this is also something the client can do on their own.
Please reach out with any questions or concerns about hypnotherapy, I look forward to working with you.



About Nicole

You are on this page to learn two things.

First, will this person “get me?”

Second, is she qualified to help me or my relationship?

Every therapist is going to tell you that you deserve a warm and compassionate therapist who will be caring, nonjudgmental, and who will make you feel safe and confident going through the therapy process.

While I wholeheartedly believe this, I want you to know that therapy with me will be real. We’ll talk. We will cry. We will yell. We’ll laugh. We will dig, explore and organize.

I understand that when you feel as though you are drowning, or when your relationship is on the rocks, everything becomes overwhelming and confusing. Because therapy is a unique experience, I want to assure you that you will get no judgment from me ever! I have experienced a lot in my personal and professional life. It takes a lot to shock or surprise me. I can stay cool no matter what issues are being discussed.

As for the nitty gritty, I earned an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from St Mary’s University in Minnesota, meaning that I have a tremendous amount of experience work with relationships.

I have extensive experience and training working with couples and individuals in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This is a therapeutic perspective that allows clients the ability to identify the negative cycles that they are caught in and soothe the root of the problem. This exploration helps couples find more connection and overall fulfillment in their relationship.



Happy Place

Let me paint the picture for you. It’s 7:20 am on a Saturday morning. I have crazy hair from showering MOMENTS before going unconscious last night at 9:00- part of me wants to assure you that I don’t always go to bed that early, but who am I kidding! Anyway, I’m sitting in my bed, with it’s soft, marigold comforter. Marigold has won my heart this year. Shoes, sweaters, jewelry- I can’t get enough. If my soul were a color on its happiest days, it would be marigold yellow. 

The lamp to my left is giving a soft, comforting light to the room. I pinned a  card one of my dearest friends, Tovah, mailed me last year with a Georgia O’keefe quote on it to the lamp. It’s the first thing I see every morning, like a mantra. I can smell the warm and familiar burn of the candles Lydia made me this year. I always burn them when I write. 

I look up and the painting of Winston (my dog) that I commissioned for my fiance for Christmas last year. His goofy face is reflected back at me in the mirror, reminding me that I need to phone Leslie, who is not only a talented dog portrait painter, but also the person officiating my wedding. I’ve read that beds should only be for sleeping… sorry not sorry. I do my best thinking from here. 

Here, surrounded by the artwork that my friends have created for me, the plants and little tchotchkes (my fiance and I just had a moment trying to spell the word tchotchke… he wants you to know he was pretty close!) we’ve collected over the years from traveling, collecting and gifting. Here, in my marigold bed, surrounded by the evidence of a life lived, and lived with love, is where I will write to you each week. 

If it sounds like I’ve put a ridiculous amount of thought into this place, it’s because I have. And I set the picture for you because the first thing I want to invite you to think about is where your happy place is. Now, if the little voice in your head that tends to be nasty (we’ll get to you later, voice!) just rolled its eyes (yes the voice has eyes) you just tell that voice to stuff it and lean in closer to my invitation, not away. Where is your happy place? Close your eyes, and ask yourself. Don’t let the Censor* correct you, shame your or silence you. When you asked yourself where the place was, what did you say? There is no right or wrong answer. 

Maybe, like me, it’s in a room where you are enveloped by the cherished artifacts of life. Maybe it’s outside on your back porch where you can sip your tea and hear the birds and the wind and be closer to the Universe. Maybe your happy place is in your office (if that’s true, is your job hiring?) or in your baby’s nursery or even on your couch in your living room. WHEREVER it is, I want you to be incredibly intentional about naming your happy place and committing to spending time there, at least once a week, while you join me for these posts.

If you are having trouble deciding where your happy place is, or your place just doesn’t feel quite happy enough, that is awesome news! Because this is your first task. You deserve a happy place. A happy place feels like going home. Spend some time with yourself, intentionally cultivating a space that makes you feel all the feelings. That you can turn to in the best and most painful of times. A place that can hold things for you. Ask yourself exactly what you need in a space, and within your means, create it

Yes, there is space somewhere in your life for you to carve out a happy place. Yes, you have the time to give yourself this gift. YES, you know exactly what you need. You don’t need pinterest or West Elm and least of all me, to tell you what your happy place should look or feel like. You don’t need money, or the perfect mid-mod plant holder and you certainly don’t need an entire room! The more you slow down and tune in, the closer you will get to your happy place. The closer you get to your happy place, the closer you will get to yourself.

Don’t think. Just do. 

Okay, once you have your happy place in mind and you’ve spent some time making it extra special and meaningful… go there! Yeah, right now! I’ll wait here in my marigold bed and re-read my Georgia O’keeffe while you get there.

Task 1– Manifest your happy place. Spend time with this, don’t rush it. The more intentional you are about creating a space for yourself, the more special and loving it will feel when you return to it. 

Task 2– Write about it. You may find it meaningful to keep all your writing in one place as we continue our work together. Yes, a journal. But this is no ordinary journaling. These pages will be your map to yourself. Don’t think. Just do. 

What did this feel like for you? Was it easy, hard, somewhere in the middle? Describe your happy place, what can you see? Hear? Smell? What did you bring to the space to make it special? 

What did the little voice say about what you were doing? Did it try and make you feel silly? Did it say this was pointless? Don’t worry about silencing the voice, in time we will just learn to soften its edges. Write about creating your happy place and write about how it feels. These pages are for you, so don’t worry about how you sound. Just write

*I am heavily influenced by Julia Cameron, the writer/creator of the Artist’s Way. Her work has changed my life. She calls the little voice, “the Censor” and I just find that language works for me. 

Written by Devon Cozens