About Devon

Hi! My name is Devon and I believe in the transformative power of connection.

I believe in connection because I have seen it change lives. Establishing a strong, non-judgmental and authentic relationship with the people I work with is not only a dynamic tool for change, but the priority of my practice. My ultimate goal is for you to feel truly seen, and to know that you never, ever have to do anything alone.

By creating a safe, welcoming, and playful space together, we will be able to work through the things that have had you or your loved one feeling frustrated, hopeless or unfulfilled.

Are you or your loved one feeling stuck? Tired of having the same fight over and over? Does someone feel invisible or unheard? Are you struggling with feeling anxious, sad, lonely or afraid?If no one else has told you yet, I am happy to share a secret: this is NORMAL! And I can help you learn to shift your relationship to these feelings and create a life you love. That brings you joy! By increasing our emotional self-awareness, we can learn to ask for what we really need.

I want to help you build the life you’ve always dreamed of, piece by piece.

I am firmly rooted in the strengths perspective, meaning I will prioritize putting you, your child or your family’s strengths and resources, not the problems, at the forefront of the healing process. I believe that this subtle shift in focus creates a powerful opportunity to lean toward each other instead of away. By naming and celebrating the strengths, we can begin to mobilize them to take positive steps forward.

I have worked with individuals, youth and families for over 8 years. I will approach our time together with compassion and humility. You are the expert on you—I want to help you feel empowered to take back ownership of your own happiness. We will get down to business and do the hard work. We will also have FUN.

I can’t wait to meet you! Let’s put the first piece down, together.



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